Lecture Series


Talks Every 1st Wednesday of the month at 1pm EST via zoom

The ANDI Talk Series aims to inform and connect students and professionals from various disciplines. In addition to showcasing the institute's work, invited speakers will present topics in relevant fields such as genetics, clinical psychology, and developmental and cognitive neuroscience. 

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Past Lectures

3/20/2019: From Precision Medicine to Precision Education: Considerations for Assessment and Social-Communication Intervention

Jennifer Frey, Associate Professor of Special Education and Disability Studies, GW Graduate School of Education and Human Development

2/25/2019: Understanding Autism from the Inside Out: The Role Of Cognitive Control 

Ann Clawson, Neuroscientist at Montgomery County Outpatient Center

1/16/2019: Intrusive Effects of Task-Irrelevant Information on Visual Selective Attention

Sarah Shomstein, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, George Washington University

12/12/2018: Shadows and Camouflage: The Disappearing Stigma of Mental Illness

Roy Richard Grinker, Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs, George Washington University

11/14/2018:  Under- or Over-connected: a quantitative basis of cortico-cortical circuit dysfunction?

Anthony LaMantia, Director of the George Washington Institute for Neuroscience

6/7/2018: Understanding others’ emotions: Mechanisms and implications for social functioning

Abigail Marsh, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology and the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience, Georgetown University

4/26/2018: Executive dysfunction comorbidity: Data-driven identification of transdiagnostic dimensions

Chandan Vaidya, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology, Georgetown University

4/12/2018: Sexual dimorphism in the social brain: Insights from autism

Allison Jack, Assistant Research Professor, Pharmacology and Physiology, GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences

3/29/2018: Atypical Eating-Related Behaviors in Autism: Brain Correlates and Health Consequences

Greg Wallace, Assistant Professor at George Washington University

3/1/2018: (Epi)genetic markers for dopaminergic signaling in neuropsychiatric disorders

Corinde Wiers, Research Fellow at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institutes of Health

2/15/2018: Toward an understanding of autism as a circuit disorder: visual psychophysics and imaging

Dwight Kravitz, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at George Washington University

2/1/2018: Testing sensory hypersensitivities in young children with autism to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention

Gabriela Rosenblau, Postdoctoral Associate, Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute