GW's Atypical Student Society to hold its first meeting

September 11, 2018

During our ANDI Ice Cream Social last spring, we were fortunate to meet AJ Link, a 2nd year law student at GW. AJ has autism, and is one of many students in the Law school who identifies/is diagnosed as neurodiverse. To support this student population, he created a student organization called the Atypical Student Society (ATYPS), which aims to do the following:

  • Provide a supportive community for atypical students
  • Create an opportunity for neurotypical allies to meet fellow students with different cognitive conditions and learn about their different experiences   
  • Provide resources and strategies to help atypical students thrive in the law school environment
  • Prepare law students for productive legal careers after graduation

One of ANDI’s goals as an institute has been to support the student population at GW, and collaborate with departments and organizations to promote an optimal learning environment for our neurodiverse students.  

ATYPS recognizes that their success relies in part on faculty/staff collaboration and support. Organizations face challenges with continuity when key leaders graduate. AJ, the ATYPS group and ANDI invite you to join us at their first meeting. Following this meeting, we invite you to consider becoming a mentor for this organization to support their efforts and help to expand this outreach to the undergraduate student body.  

All are welcome. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

First ATYPS Meeting:

Date: Monday, September 17 at 8:10pm

Location: Lerner Hall on the corner of 20th and H. Address is: 2000 H St.,  L201


*Note from AJ: Attendees may come and go as they please.