Kevin Pelphrey

Kevin Pelphrey
Carbonell Family Professor; Director of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute
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Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute

Kevin Pelphrey is an internationally renowned neuroscientist and the parent of a young woman with autism. He utilizes brain science to develop biologically-based tools for detection, stratification and individually tailored treatments. He leads the NIH Autism Center for Excellence—Multimodal Developmental Neurogenetics of Autism network that spans seven national sites. He directs an NIH postdoctoral training program to prepare scientist-clinicians for independent careers translating multidisciplinary science into novel treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. At GW, Dr. Pelphrey is the Carbonell Family Professor and director of the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Institute. The institute serves as a focal point for translational research and comprehensive clinical services for autism, while also serving as a beacon for policymakers seeking information on issues surrounding policy, research and treatment of autism.

Current Research

Dr. Pelphrey's research involves conducting imaging studies to learn more about development of the brain, specifically the “social brain” that governs facial recognition, eye gaze and other functions. As the parent of a daughter with autism, he is also interested in expanding the body of research on autism in girls.